Remote Executive Assistants Who Are More Than Just Task-Takers

Hire and onboard an experienced offshore EA with our founder-led process. We make sure that you get a proactive and problem-solving remote executive assistant so you can do more of what matters.

"Definitely recommend A Team Overseas. My EA is amazing!"

Georgia Austin
Georgia Austin
Founder, Wordbrew
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Remote executive assistants with experience at startups like:

Versatile EAs Who Keep Things From Falling through the Cracks

When you hire a remote executive assistant, you'll notice a significant difference in your day-to-day. Here are a few common ways our EAs make their clients' lives less hectic:
Triage noisy emails to focus on the 10% that matters
Calendar and travel management
Track your endless follow-ups and draft messages for you
Send daily metrics for the things that you want to keep top of mind
Coordinate date nights and events for the relationships that matter
Sales ops, recruiting ops, life ops, and more
Working with A Team Overseas has been fantastic. Our EA has quickly become a core part of our team. And Kevin provided us a smooth and seamless onboarding experience with pre-built documentation. I’d say 9.9/10 if you asked me to score it.
Collaborating at the workplace

Proactive Talent Makes Delegation 10X Easier

Entrepreneurs and founders don't have the mental bandwidth to always come up with more tasks to delegate.

That's why our entire process from screening to onboarding is designed to optimize proactivity, without adding extra work to your plate.

We help our talented remote executive assistants move up the "Contributor Curve" faster where they'll be identifying problems and presenting solutions in no time.

Founder Led Guidance the Entire Way Through

Most of our clients haven't worked with a remote executive assistant before. It can be a daunting task. Our founder, Kevin, personally guides hiring and onboarding for each client and EA.

There is no real standard executive assistant role. Each client and situation is different. Having a founder that truly understands other founders and startups makes all the difference.
Collaborating at the workplace

Service Culture Designed to Delight

“Such a great team and they're always willing to step in."
“You can feel how much care is given by A Team Overseas. Kevin and my EA have been true partners as we scale our startup.“
“This is premier service. I respect it.“

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring a Remote Executive Assistant

How much does it cost to hire a remote executive assistant? What if it doesn't work?

Our ultimate goal is to help improve the daily experience for entrepreneurs while helping talented Filipinos excel in their career.

In order to do that more, we offer two versions of pricing:

1. Virtual Assistant Agency Subscription: $2,500 per Month:
The subscription to our remote executive assistant services covers everything including the EA's monthly pay. It also features a 30-day money back guarantee.

2. Non-recurring Pricing:
- Matchmaking fee: $3.5k is due on your first day with your EA.
- Onboarding fee: $3.5k is due on day 90.
- You hire a remote executive assistant selected for your specific needs, and pay them directly.

If you're not satisfied within the first 90 days, you won't need to pay the onboarding fee.

We offer one free replacement any time within the first year!

Why should I work with A Team Overseas vs hiring direct?

Hiring direct is great if you're confident that you can do it well!

Lost time and energy is the biggest thing at risk when hiring a remote executive assistant. This risk is magnified for founders/entrepreneurs who are looking for support because they lack time and energy.

Leverage our founder-led guidance to not only make the process more likely to be a success, but to also reduce the overall amount of pain points along the way. This will ensure your new EA is the perfect fit.

Why should I work with A Team Overseas vs other competitors?

1. Talent Level
We aren't willing to sacrifice our virtual assistants in the Philippines for profit. This reputation has caused us to become a natural graduation point for our competitors' top talent.

2. Price
Any virtual assistant agency with similar talent usually charges $3,000 per month.

Our subscription option is $500 cheaper at $2,500 per month. We also offer a more cost efficient alternative in the non-recurring payment option where you hire a remote executive assistant directly.

3. Founder Led Guidance
Our founder, Kevin, understands the unique challenges and demands of running a startup. When you work with us, you'll receive personalized guidance and support from someone who's at least been in similar shoes shoes. Kevin will work closely with you to understand your needs, match you with the perfect remote executive assistant, and provide ongoing coaching to ensure a successful partnership.

I want to hire a virtual assistant! How can we start?

That's great news! Just join the waitlist or get in touch with us.

We'll narrow down the type of remote executive assistant you're looking for, learn more about how you work, and find you a perfect fit.

While we go through the matching process (2-3 weeks), we offer complimentary research services from our EAs on the bench.

Our goal is to start getting things off of your plate ASAP!

Please email for any questions!

A Note From Our Founder

The current options to get a great virtual assistant overseas are lacking.

While they can be great at training new talent, some of the most reputable virtual assistant agencies take an excessive cut and underpay their most experienced remote executive assistants.

Overseas headhunters and staffers are an improvement but most aren't good enough. They find you new talent and move on since you've already paid up front.

That's why I started A Team Overseas — To elevate the standards and create an agency model aligned with long term client and EA success.

If you're looking for a low risk way to get a great remote executive assistant, I'd love for you to give us a try.

Kevin Galang

Kevin Galang

Founder, A Team Overseas